October 13, 2017

12 Tips on Positioning for Success in Times of Economic Resets From Dr. David Kohl

Here are Dr. Kohl’s notes on positioning for success in the economic reset. Even though he was addressing a US audience, we can all learn to be better farmers.


Economics of soil loss

Soil health is vital, but soil loss is paramount because you’re losing 15 bushels per acre/year worth of corn.

Kurt Lawton | Mar 13, 2017

Think Different

  • The average soil loss rate is 5.8 tons per acre per year. Most farmers unfortunately be...

August 29, 2016

Photo Credit: Lee Gunderson

If we focus on profit per acre, there will be a tendency to seek the right-sized cow for our environment and best practices for economic efficiency and profitability.

Last month, I discussed three profit driving ratios – cows per person, acres...

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