August 24, 2017

In the earliest theoretical literature on market economy, land is often cited as the only real source of wealth as it was the sole element in the equation that yielded a lot more than what it took in.  Former President of the United States Franklin D. Roosevelt was onc...

Native forages are making a comeback with cattle feeders who are looking for a way to work with — not against — Mother Nature.

“Native species complement tame forages,” said federal research scientist Alan Iwaasa.

“When used with tame species, native species have merit a...

No story about ranching would be complete without mention of two elements, generically unrelated yet closely coupled to ranching’s origin beginning in the late 1800s and its dominating role into the 21st century. Old texts and oral history serve as background.

One compo...

As the discussion about climate change increases so has the discussion about the possibility of reducing or offsetting greenhouse gas emissions by natural plant and soil processes. In green house gas accounting, atmospheric CO2 concentration is not increasing at a rate...

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