Who We Are: The Foothills Forage & Grazing Association

The Foothills Forage & Grazing Association is a non-profit producer driven group that addresses issues, ideas, and innovations for forage and livestock producers in south central Alberta. The board of directors is currently made up of 11 volunteer forage producers from across the FFGA region. FFGA brings producers together by finding profitable and regenerative ways to produce forages and livestock.


We work with government and industry to keep producers up-to-date with innovations in the industry which FFGA then applies at the grassroots level in cooperation with producers. FFGA strives to bring practical information and production strategies to producers by hosting demonstration projects, events and workshops, hands on days as well as networking with like-minded producers and sharing information through our monthly newsletter and social media.


"Assisting producers in profitably improving their forages and regenerating their soils through innovation and education." 



"We envision a global community that respects and values profitable forage production and healthy soils as our legacy for future generations."


Our Board


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Alex Robertson (Chair), Rod Vergouwen (Vice-Chair), Justin Blades (Secretary Treasurer), Steve Yule, Mike Roberts, Ben Campbell, Marcel Busz, Tanis Cross, Emily Lowe, Daniel Doerksen, Daryl Chubb.

Laura Gibney


Sonja Bloom

Environmental & Communications Coordinator

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 Photo Credit: Lee Gunderson 

Our Staff

Mission & Vision Statements


Our Area