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Solar Photovoltaics Program Reopens

The On-Farm Solar Photovoltaics Program reopened on July 26, 2017 under the Growing Forward 2 Program.

What kinds of Photovoltaic Systems are eligible?

To be eligible for funding, a Photovoltaic system must be:

¨ Grid-tied, not off-grid,

¨ Approved under Alberta's Micro-Generation Legislation,

¨ Positioned to optimize sunshine and minimize shading,

¨ Have manufacturer-warranties on: Solar modules, Racking, Inverters and/or Micro-inverters, and

¨ Installed on a Site ID that has a Distribution Rate Class of Farm, Irrigation, Grain Drying, or equivalent.

How are costs shared?

≤100 kW

$0.75/W to maximum 35% cost share of eligible expenses

100.01 kW - 150 kW

$0.56/W to maximum 27% cost share of eligible expenses

Who can participate?

Any resident of Alberta with a Distribution Rate Class of Farm, Irrigation, Grain Drying, or equivalent.

How do I start?

Before submitting an application, you must prepare the following information:

1. Obtain written verification from your Wire Service Provider of the Rate Distribution Class for the Site ID on which the solar PV system will be installed. This verification may be found on your utility bill, or you may need to request it from your Wire Service Provider with the following information:

¨ Name of the load customer

¨ Legal land description of the service location

¨ Site ID of the service location

¨ Distribution rate class for the Site ID/Service location as of the month of January 2017 (even if the rate class has changed since January)

2. An approved and signed Microgen Interconnection and Operating Agreement from your Wire Service Provider;

3. A solar PV quote from your Solar Contractor describing the system you will be installing;

4. An electricity bill for one month's electricity (current within the last 24 months).

Program purpose statement

The program provides funding towards solar photovoltaics on Alberta farms. This enables producers to conserve non-renewable fossil fuels and reduce carbon emissions, ultimately reducing the environmental footprint of Alberta's agriculture industry.

The Growing Forward 2 Solar Photovoltaics Program addresses two important industry priorities:

1. Improved environmental stewardship. When producers make investments in clean energy and reduced carbon emissions, they are recognized for their commitment to sustainable practices.

2. Improved energy management. Producers who install photovoltaic systems tend to take a renewed interest in their electricity usage; this leads to additional efficiency investments.

Key Points regarding the new Program Conditions:

1. Retroactive projects will no longer be accepted. If a project has been initiated (ordering or purchasing equipment, equipment delivery, component construction, etc.) prior to the approval of the application, it will NOT be accepted.

2. The grant rate has changed to align more closely with the upcoming Residential and Commercial solar programs. Grant funding is calculated as follows:

≤100 kW: $0.75/W to maximum 35% eligible cost share

100.01 – 150 kW: $0.56/W to maximum 27% eligible cost share

3. In order to qualify for the On-Farm Solar PV grant program, an applicant must have an Electrical Distribution Rate Class that is rated as Farm, or equivalent, as of the month of January 2017. Proof of this rate class will be required, and can be found either on your electrical bill or obtained from your electricity retailer.

4. If you do not have an Electrical Distribution Rate Class that is rated as Farm, or equivalent, please refer to to determine if you may qualify under other provincial solar programs.

For more information visit:

OR contact FFGA’s Environmental Coordinator:

Rachel McLean at or


OR email

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