Using Light Bushel Weight Barley in Cattle Rations

In some areas of the province, bushel weights of grains this year is much lower than what is considered normal due to hot dry conditions. Initial reports are indicating that bushel weight of threshed grains is variable and that the bushel weight of barley is ranging from 35 to 50 pounds per bushel. Feedlots and elevators are more than willing to take the heavy weight barley without any hesitation or discounts. When barley bushel weights are below 46 pounds (approximately) then the number of marketing options start to shrink and there can be significant price discounts when the contract is negotiated. Feeding light bushel weight grain to cattle is an opportunity to utilize a product that is d

Have You Had Your Feed Tested?

As a nutritionist, feed testing is a fundamental tool that I rely on to assist beef producers with their feeding programs. This is true whether I am dealing with feedlots or cow-calf operations. Accurate knowledge of feed quality, particularly the operation’s forage base allows one to develop feeding strategies for specific production scenarios and minimize the over- or under-feeding of nutrients. By so doing, one is able to achieve desired production targets and save on supplemental feed costs. While feed testing seems like a “no brainer”, it is surprising how many cattlemen skip this critical management tool. It seems many would rather rely on visual appraisal (i.e. colour, plant species,

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