The Importance of Monitoring Livestock Water Quality

Rains in early spring can ease your worries about water supplies for the summer, but will you have enough good quality water to get through the year? Early summer is the time to have your livestock water sources tested to be sure. Water is the most important nutrient for livestock. Water is needed for all metabolic processes essential for life, growth and reproduction. The quantity of water that animals consume is affected by many factors including growth, pregnancy, lactation, activity, diet composition, feed intake and environmental temperature. The quality of water offered can also affect consumption and performance. Many producers rely on wells and surface waters such as ponds and stream

Should Beef Have a Barcode?

Traceability. A current agriculture buzz word, especially when discussing the beef industry. As producers we are constantly told that consumers want to know more about where their food comes from. Photo Source: Should we use our existing national traceability system to deliver this information and how much information is too much? Narrowing down which information is important is an even greater challenge. I have spent the last two years visiting beef exporting countries and important markets for Canadian beef to dig deeper into this subject. My studies took me to Argentina, Australia, Brazil, China, France, Hong Kong, Ireland, United Kingdom and Uruguay.

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