Preventing navel infections in newborn calves

A navel cord is a highway into a calf’s bloodstream. Proper management of the navel right after birth can ensure a calf gets off to an infection‐free start. The umbilical cord is made up of blood vessels that, after calving, remain like hollow tubes where bacteria can enter the calf, and get into the bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream, the bacteria can circulate throughout the calf’s body, causing diseases like septicemia (blood infection), meningitis (brain infection) and arthritis (“joint ill”, swollen joints). Navel problems include wet navels, navel infections, and/or umbilical hernias. Navels that don’t dry up are often infected. Infection enlarges the navel cord and impedes the closu

Farmer-led research engagment

Overview We want to ensure agricultural research in Alberta is led by farmers and that Albertans are getting the best results for their investment. To help transform how we do agriculture research in Alberta, we’re seeking input on: what farmer-led research means to Albertans farmer-led research priorities opportunities for industry participation and shared leadership/ownership in the exploration and evaluation of governance models that deliver farmer-led research These changes are an opportunity to conduct world-leading research in Alberta by leveraging work happening in existing facilities or building brand new ones and attracting investment from bio-tech companies. Get involved Online Sha

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